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Paisan, you summed up what it means to be an Italy fan perfectly!
http://www.essortment.com/hair-styles-ways-achieve-slightly-spiked-mens-look-59134.html Don't think u need to use a hair dryer....slightly damp is best. As the article says, use a smalll amount of pomade/wax and act like you are drying ur hair with a towel. Works well for me...I have really thick hair.
Thanks, Nore. His stuff must be getting slimmer....thought it was just me.
Can anyone comment on the fit of these sweaters (see below)? I tried some on in the store and was surprised that a small (which I usually wear for most shirts/sweaters) was too tight. Just wanted to check and make sure I'm not going crazy. I thought RL stuff ran large. Any idea if these cotton sweaters shrink significantly or on the other hand start to stretch out after wearing? Thanks.
Completely disappointed.....looks like they are going to go cartoon Bond again.....movie was far too drawn out. I really wish they could make another like Casino Royale.
So I have a piece of sh*t blackberry and am finally ready for a smartphone (contract is up for renewal as well). Get the new iphone 5 or get a 4s for cheaper or the free 4???? I'm sure any would be a major step up from my Curve POS.....
Great advice. I agree...don't leave public accounting too early. I did after only three years and now over 10 years later regret it. One piece of advice...look into bank regulatory accounting...a field that is heating up right now (especially reg capital).
I"m right fucking here....no bandwagon jumping....in poor taste to gloat....but whatever, we had a good tournament and can hold our heads high....lot of butthurt people here because their team didn't make the final.
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