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You could probably do 4 months in Asia for about 7k, depending on how extravagant you are
I wonder how gold zips would look with the grey goat....
so what's the rec for decent priced suits these days? uniqlo tasmanian wool still?
Fougere Marine for a nice sunny day today
The farmers jacket from LUC is probably the single piece so far that I've tried on and actually considered buying for the price it was at. That said, it's still pretty darn expensive, but an amazing piece
I'm gonna say no reedo, they're pretty damn slim
Invasion Barbare Parfums MDCI, wow this scent wears amazingly on my skin. I only put a few dabs since I'm just sitting at home doing work but now I'm tempted to try a few sprays
Testing out Amouage Ciel today, it's quite nice
But if you have wide hips and place your jacket over it, doesn't it just flare out hem of the jacket and give you a weird drape in terms of having a rectangular leather body, which flares out at the base
Amouage Reflection today
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