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toj makes it too easy
Why don't we compare ratio of elbow circumference to p2p?
Naw, down by south van near my house. Cherry blossoms are blooming
Guess spring is here. Willy, the suede looks amazing.
FQHH is not as tough as calf, it's tougher. I personally haven't handled toj fqhh, but my guess is that when breaking in the leather might squeak.
Yeah I'm sure it's because I wear mine in the rain a lot, seeing as I live in a rainforest, there's still some hold, but I do find myself having to adjust it.
Question: Is it possible to get the collar on a well worn lamb dr to stick up again? Mine doesn't stay up anymore after 2 years, and it kinda makes me sad
yeah picsssssI was thinking of ordering one too
Has anybody actually ordered any of the womens jackets? Kind of want to get one for somebody
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