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I like the knit
Might end up checking it out, just cause the ladies stuff looks good and i'm sure a few ladies won't mind the company waiting in line at the store
What my 27 NS look like on me right now
how is the fit?
I sized down 2, when i first put the jeans on, i couldn't get the top button done. But like after a couple hours of wearing it i could do the top buttom. I think i couldve done with sizing down only 1, since I think with this current pair the result will be quite slim, unless it stretches a lot
How long did it take for thighs to stretch out? I've been wearing my NS for about a week now, and I still find them a bit too tight for my style. I have smaller waist but larger thighs (curse you squats!) so right now the waist on my 27 NS fit well, but only cause i think the jeans are tight across my thighs. Another question for the future, would APC Rescues be a better fit for small waist larger thighs?
I'd say mine looks more like the one of the left, but it also protrudes a little bit more
Ah, didn't feel trusted enough to kop them... It's just that all the perforated cps i've seen were perforated all around, not just sides.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...parms=1876%3A1 Legit CPs? Never seen them perforated like that
I really wanna cop those Balenciagas but it seems more like a collectors item than something i'd wear
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