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Sometimes I like to wear clothes
Ah okay, i thought that they might be too fitted so layering might be uncomfortable/weird. Saw all those size 38 bombers up for sale, and was thinking they might fit me
What is the fit like on the emory bomber? If i wear a 36 usually, should I just go with a 36?
Just curious, how is the fit? Since i'd think you might wear layers underneath, would sizing up be recommended?
Lost Worlds Horsehide Ryder. Interested to see what it will look like on me
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I should get paid for this, I post it and shit moves. My personal luck with the 'bay has been diminishing lately though Yeah, should be tipping you some coin for finding awesome deals
You got PM. Sucks that I missed out on the golden bale
I should be checking out MC B&S more often it seems, gonna try getting that LW jacket, too bad I missed out on the golden bale.
A good pair of 2nd boots to own, as I start building my shoe collection. So far I got a pair of beater katahdins i wear in the rain and shit weather, what options do I have for my 2nd pair of boots? Was gonna cop the MMM boots but totally missed out on them, so looking for more ideas
darn too slow to check SF, missed out on the boots
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