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Check the inside of the boots, leather grains should be the same
Sweeet finally open. Gonna drop by sometime to check out the new store
Yeah says rain/snow for Vancouver as well, not gonna stand in line just to check out some sweats
Quote: Originally Posted by anonymouz The "gq" boots aren't terrible. The logo isn't visible unless you're wearing shorts and someone is really close. By the way it's a bit cheaper to buy the "gq" boot from other sources. I think I got mine for under $115 They loosen up a bit after you wear them around, about the same time as the ankles stop hurting. I think sizing down a half is best
Opinions on tom ford tf5013 frames? I want to pick up a new pair of glasses
^ How long have you had the jeans for? Look's good to me
Yep they do run half a size big
Great communication with seller even though half a world apart. Awaiting delivery now
Yeah i saw that jacket first, then discovered the Krane bomber. I think I want the bomber more, suits me better in vancouver
Sometimes I like to wear clothes
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