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Food trucks
I'm of the opinion that after it wears for a couple years, the leather just loses the ability to stay stiff if it's lamb. My lamb collar doesn't really stay up anymore after 2-3 years
I like some of the vids on youtube, the crowd is just standing there, don't know what is going on
hmmm anybody ever handle a white rick blistered leather?
Whoa which marsells are those? They look almost like scarred leather?
toj makes it too easy
Why don't we compare ratio of elbow circumference to p2p?
Naw, down by south van near my house. Cherry blossoms are blooming
Guess spring is here. Willy, the suede looks amazing.
FQHH is not as tough as calf, it's tougher. I personally haven't handled toj fqhh, but my guess is that when breaking in the leather might squeak.
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