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Did you brine? Pork belly becomes amazing if you brine + sous vide
I honestly only wear beanies when my hair is fucked up and I don't have time to fix it. Then I see everybody in a beanie and I get ashamed and take it off and just suffer through bad hair days
Thanks. Yeah so far I have a 1 way ticket to Singapore and I really want to go to Burma to check it out
Curious about this, is it online somewhere? I'm thinking of heading there this summer
Is that dude wearing roshes in the back?
Food trucks
I'm of the opinion that after it wears for a couple years, the leather just loses the ability to stay stiff if it's lamb. My lamb collar doesn't really stay up anymore after 2-3 years
I like some of the vids on youtube, the crowd is just standing there, don't know what is going on
hmmm anybody ever handle a white rick blistered leather?
Whoa which marsells are those? They look almost like scarred leather?
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