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Does Brooks Brothers usually have a 50% off sale during christmas? I've been waiting to get my first suit, and I think a fitzgerald would be nice, but at the retail price of $1000 I don't really want to get it
I'm pretty sure most things this season fits slim, so a size up would be needed
Quote: Originally Posted by aerether Thinking of getting the fishtail... I wonder how a medium would look on a 5'7" 165lb dude? Athletic build because everyone seems to be "athletically built" on this forum if they don't fall under the "skinny" category. EDIT: I'm probably a true medium at this point, 39-40" chest and all that. I think i would depend on how you'd want it to look. If you look at fit pics, that's a medium and i think the...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1up Umm not the greatest pay, I'll probably start at 60ish, but I don't have many expenses. Don't think I could get a place near downtown Van with that kind of salary could I? Are you by yourself? I think you can easily get a place with that kind of pay, but maybe not directly in downtown Vancouver. Downtown is a paid to drive in anyways, you're always better off just taking transit into the core. All depends...
Are there places to get small samples of certain fragrances? Or just people here selling? I'd definitely be interested
links don't work either
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 any online stores stocking blankets? can't find any, been scouring b+s. I'm not even sure if they still make blankets
How do you wear hightops properly? In regards to stacking, do you have to manually make it so that it stacks nicely, or just wear it as is?
Yeah Aeglus, do review of the jacket, i've been eyeing one myself for this winter season but I can't seem to find measurements or how the jacket fits. Either Krane or that TOJ fishtail....
That fishtail parka... can't wait for fit pics
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