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If tuscan leather shows up, I'm interested as well
I'm 90% sure I've seen Creed at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver
I do the opposite of carb diets, i try to stay away from carbs and use omega 3 fats with lots of meat and vegetables. Although I've got the stereotypical asian metabolism where anything I eat is fine. Kajak, that looks like a good place to start, and then you can always lower carbs for more protein if you want to bulk up
I'd be more interested if he released info about certain drugs and supplements he did, but those are probably illegal, sucks.
Ah nice, i'll be checking out the perfumeshoppe since it's local. Didn't even know there were stores in that place
Gah I hope that 2009 emory is still there... what a steal.
Does Brooks Brothers usually have a 50% off sale during christmas? I've been waiting to get my first suit, and I think a fitzgerald would be nice, but at the retail price of $1000 I don't really want to get it
I'm pretty sure most things this season fits slim, so a size up would be needed
Quote: Originally Posted by aerether Thinking of getting the fishtail... I wonder how a medium would look on a 5'7" 165lb dude? Athletic build because everyone seems to be "athletically built" on this forum if they don't fall under the "skinny" category. EDIT: I'm probably a true medium at this point, 39-40" chest and all that. I think i would depend on how you'd want it to look. If you look at fit pics, that's a medium and i think the...
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