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Glad to hear of this, I remember searching for a really long time to try to find the boots
Jaisalmer by Comme des Garcons Series 3: Incense It's my favorite out of the series
Finally got a Cire Trudon, roi solei scent. Looking forward to a winter of nice smells
or just buy another
1 black zamb tank, never wear tank tops these days. Perfecet condition $40 + ship
kale smoothies are the bomb, i like having pear and banana in mine
Where do you guys go to get asia magazines? Like say, Vogue China
Good thing to have if you plan on getting a China visa, save $110. Well any passport other than a usa one would do.
I still don't understand why people don't just order stock sizes. I got my Toj off bst and it is far from mtm or fitted, but still looks amazing. I feel like shoulder measurements is crucial, the rest shouldn't be varied unless you normally don't fit into any clothes. On another note, seoul was fucking rainy today. The textile market is amazing
Hey drew, got a 11 layover in seoul, restaurant got any development yet?
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