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I had never experienced calf till I felt my friends' calf moto and holy shit that thing is tough. I used to own a horsehide leather jacket and although the calf wasn't as thick, it sure felt at least 80% of the way there. If the toj lamb is known for being buttery soft, the calf is tough as nails
It's probably around 2.5 years old maybe even 3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the construction and material, the leather still feels amazing but obviously it's not as soft as day 1. I've never had another lamb leather jacket for any longer period of time so I can't really compare. The leather is scratched up in some places where I probably fell or scratched against walls, it's just an overall beat up look, there are pics of it in the toj gallery somewhere
I have a really beat up 2010 dr in lamb that i wear around, usually at bars
that entire sales thread is great.
oops, JP 2 (42-43) 9-10
JP 2 (42-43) 9-10 Up for sale are these Julius_7 x Siva sneaker boots in undyed leather (would be awesome dyeing these black I just... don't wear them enough ) and in good condition as well, only worn once outside by me (Vancouver winter was just far too mild for me! :blink:) and barely looked worn by previous owner (one owner before me). And now I just don't find them being used as much as I want to. They're really comfortable. They're steer reverse cow leather, with...
I've had a pair of normal laced boots for about a year, no problems. Leather is good for the price (depending on how much you're paying)
I wear my old OG pants climbing all the time. Also for biking. I like them, but I guess they've upped the price these days
As per the title, this is the older model of the SNS stark, which is longer than the one that is currently being offered. I never wear this sweater mainly because it's probably too long for me. Worn maybe 5 times
Selling a navy SNS stark, the older model that is longer than the one currently being offered. I've probably worn it about 5 times in total and am cleaning out my closet
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