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yeah a normal 46 measures to be 29.5 raglan sleeve
that one has ridiculously long arms, 31.5" sleeves :S
any toj bballs in sz 46?
dang those are some long sleeves
That is great to hear. I love my pair in black but always wished that it was a tad bit slimmer in the leg opening.I've been wearing my black pair with white usdg ocbd pretty much everyday. Apart from a weird smell the jeans had at the beginning, they're perfect
Anybody buy womens pieces for SO? There's a bunch of stuff on sale at reborn, along with mens stuff too in larges mostly
What'd you get? My friend bombed it the first time as well mainly because he barely studied. Then he did 1 practice a day for 3 months and got 98th percentile
Sydneys in Toronto carries Devoa. Reborn in Montreal does as well
well at $50, what other boots even have that aesthetic?
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