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man goat looks amazing in texture.
also because it's calf so it's stiffer and doesn't drape like lamb where it's soft and moves around easily.
yeah the twill jeans fit me much better than the t000s, was just hoping they had the same cut for mij as well. Guess I'll just have to buy a couple and dye them
I wear a lightweight down jacket or vest under the stark and it works pretty well for temps hovering around freezing
so can anybody chime in on whether or not the slim fit jeans fit the same as the twill jeans?
Wear 46 usually. So does that mean there probably isn't even one out there in my size?
Dang, thanks for letting me know my search isn't going to be fruitless. I guess I'll just have to wait patiently till I see one for sale somewhere
Has anybody actually seen this suit ever? I'm beginning to think it only exists on the internet
There's a pair of a1923 kangaroo 6 hole combat boots at serpentine for $1500 + ship, tempted.
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