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TOJ missed connections at UBC. Macking on chicks at an all ages event lol
Seems like it was a rather inopportune time for drew to discontinue the toj1, I bet many people would rather buy a blacked out toj1 than paying 3x more
the cdg isn't boiled wool
So glad I left the East snowman, I don't think it's snowed here for 2 months
I also thought about the vb, but i think it was a tad bit too large for me
I really wish the burgundy was a bit more red, cause that'd be what I want in a quilted moto
guess a$ap bought it
dang, wanted that rick cashmere one
not itchy to me at all either, I wear it with a t shirt all the time. I think some people are just more sensitive to wool
I really wish I hadn't sold my fishtail, I miss it even though it's not super cold here in Vancouver
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