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I really wish the burgundy was a bit more red, cause that'd be what I want in a quilted moto
guess a$ap bought it
dang, wanted that rick cashmere one
not itchy to me at all either, I wear it with a t shirt all the time. I think some people are just more sensitive to wool
I really wish I hadn't sold my fishtail, I miss it even though it's not super cold here in Vancouver
man goat looks amazing in texture.
also because it's calf so it's stiffer and doesn't drape like lamb where it's soft and moves around easily.
yeah the twill jeans fit me much better than the t000s, was just hoping they had the same cut for mij as well. Guess I'll just have to buy a couple and dye them
I wear a lightweight down jacket or vest under the stark and it works pretty well for temps hovering around freezing
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