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the cdg isn't boiled wool
So glad I left the East snowman, I don't think it's snowed here for 2 months
I also thought about the vb, but i think it was a tad bit too large for me
Gitman uses thicker buttons, that's about the only discernible thing I can think off. They fit slimmer than gitman, with similar arm holes, but slimmer from the shoulder down to the cuff.
Which stockists will be carrying in Vancouver? Roden, Gravity Pope?
I really wish the burgundy was a bit more red, cause that'd be what I want in a quilted moto
guess a$ap bought it
dang, wanted that rick cashmere one
not itchy to me at all either, I wear it with a t shirt all the time. I think some people are just more sensitive to wool
I really wish I hadn't sold my fishtail, I miss it even though it's not super cold here in Vancouver
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