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Inflation bro
L`Eau Guerriere
what's different with the new toj0?
1725, first impression is that it's a bit too "creamy" for my liking but we'll see how it wears
Aventus today, seems like it's not as long lasting as it once used to be on me... maybe my body chemicals is changing or something. Went to the perfume shop here and chatted with the perfume lady, got some new samples of Parfumerie Generale to test out as well.
Whoever was asking for a worn in DR, I just took pics of mine. I'm going to say around 2.5 years? album here It's been through a lot of rain, which I think is why it's got those streaky marks?
Aventus with a small dab of tuscan leather. Any Amouage splits going on?
that's how my jacket looks after normal wear for about 2-3 years. Can't recall if I had any rough nights in it though, just out at bars and falling around. I guess you should've asked for pictures of a toj after being curb stomped
i just slathered lexol on my lamb skin recently, it just drinks up the lexol. To me it seems to give the jacket a look of new life, and just hides the blemishes/scuffs
Disorbitant, I personally think that it'd look ridiculous. A DR shouldn't be that long
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