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Whoever was asking for a worn in DR, I just took pics of mine. I'm going to say around 2.5 years? album here It's been through a lot of rain, which I think is why it's got those streaky marks?
Aventus with a small dab of tuscan leather. Any Amouage splits going on?
that's how my jacket looks after normal wear for about 2-3 years. Can't recall if I had any rough nights in it though, just out at bars and falling around. I guess you should've asked for pictures of a toj after being curb stomped
i just slathered lexol on my lamb skin recently, it just drinks up the lexol. To me it seems to give the jacket a look of new life, and just hides the blemishes/scuffs
Disorbitant, I personally think that it'd look ridiculous. A DR shouldn't be that long
TOJ missed connections at UBC. Macking on chicks at an all ages event lol
Seems like it was a rather inopportune time for drew to discontinue the toj1, I bet many people would rather buy a blacked out toj1 than paying 3x more
the cdg isn't boiled wool
So glad I left the East snowman, I don't think it's snowed here for 2 months
I also thought about the vb, but i think it was a tad bit too large for me
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