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2010 dr from i guess 2010
report back about the ultralights after a couple more wears, i'm definitely interested in them
For those in LA, swrve is having a sale this weekend http://www.swrve.us/2014/02/warehouse-sale/
how many watts can you put out at 115lbs?
I felt that the 3 ways weren't as bad as the OGs, I think I sized up from my OG size and wish I had sized down instead
I would think that Isaora is probably realizing that they need to cut down a bit on their operations because their finances aren't doing so well. I personally don't own any Isaora, nor do I really have any inclination towards their products. They seem to be stuck in a place where their products don't appeal to enough people, and then there's also the QC issues that have come up
+1 for costco socks if you can't afford smartwool or the likes, I mean for the price they're unbeatable. I've been wearing them exclusively since november and i don't see any signs of wear yet
Maybe hirst meant a couple decade seasons, like 60 years and then the lamb might not be so good anymore. I've had a 2010dr for 4+(?) years or so, pretty darn worn but still great
I had never experienced calf till I felt my friends' calf moto and holy shit that thing is tough. I used to own a horsehide leather jacket and although the calf wasn't as thick, it sure felt at least 80% of the way there. If the toj lamb is known for being buttery soft, the calf is tough as nails
It's probably around 2.5 years old maybe even 3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the construction and material, the leather still feels amazing but obviously it's not as soft as day 1. I've never had another lamb leather jacket for any longer period of time so I can't really compare. The leather is scratched up in some places where I probably fell or scratched against walls, it's just an overall beat up look, there are pics of it in the toj gallery somewhere
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