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Off white Jil Sander long coat, with detachable hood. Heavy weight, cashmere construction with hidden placket buttons. Hidden sleeve buttons as well. Measurements: 18” shoulder, 25” sleeves, 20” PTP, 44.5” nape to hem, 35” underarm to hem
TOJ has kinda spoiled me, and I'm not sure if it's for the better or for worse. I can't get behind small zippers anymore, after having the thick ykk zippers on sleeves and main zip, it just feels so nice to play with the large zippers
2010 dr from i guess 2010
report back about the ultralights after a couple more wears, i'm definitely interested in them
For those in LA, swrve is having a sale this weekend
how many watts can you put out at 115lbs?
I felt that the 3 ways weren't as bad as the OGs, I think I sized up from my OG size and wish I had sized down instead
I would think that Isaora is probably realizing that they need to cut down a bit on their operations because their finances aren't doing so well. I personally don't own any Isaora, nor do I really have any inclination towards their products. They seem to be stuck in a place where their products don't appeal to enough people, and then there's also the QC issues that have come up
+1 for costco socks if you can't afford smartwool or the likes, I mean for the price they're unbeatable. I've been wearing them exclusively since november and i don't see any signs of wear yet
Maybe hirst meant a couple decade seasons, like 60 years and then the lamb might not be so good anymore. I've had a 2010dr for 4+(?) years or so, pretty darn worn but still great
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