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Wonderoud today, anybody else have any opinions on it? I can't exactly remember what wonderwood smells like, but this smells fairly nice, a touch of oud on top
I would say the incense in Avignon is more pronounced, I don't have any Avignon right now to try it, but from what I recall Avignon smelled a lot more like incense and the inside of a church. Kyoto smells much warmer, a sweet woodsy mid
CDG Kyoto, been testing out longevity of different cdg stuff lately
The large YKK zippers are sure nice
Starting a kickstarter to amass funds for a plane ticket for me to go to Seoul to help Drew so you will get your jackets quicker
yeah, well sale is pending so if I don't hear back i'll re-open
Levi’s red checked shirt ( no size labeled) - $20 30” nape to hem, 17” shoulders, 17” back Jil Sander two tone shirt ( size 38/15) - $70 shoulders 15”, sleeves 25”, 28.5” nape to hem, 18.5” PTP Uniqlo +J blue shirt (size S) - $35 17” shoulder, 26” sleeves, 18.5” PTP, 30” nape to hem Uniqlo blue and white OCBD (size S) -$15/ea 17.5” shoulder, 25” sleeves, 20” PTP, 30” nape to hem Steve Alan checked button up (size S) - $40 17” shoulder, 25” sleeves, 18” PTP, 30” nape to...
VOIDTHEBRAND white tank(size S) $30 rayon curved hem VOIDTHEBRAND grey long sleeve(size S) $30 wool curved hem VOIDTHEBRAND black tee shirt(size S) $30 rayon curved asymmetrical hem
Classic black Ann D jacket with larger/longer sleeves for the Ann D look. 4 pockets in total 18” shoulder, 27” sleeves, 25” nape to hem, 19” PTP
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