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Wonderoud today, anybody else have any opinions on it? I can't exactly remember what wonderwood smells like, but this smells fairly nice, a touch of oud on top
I would say the incense in Avignon is more pronounced, I don't have any Avignon right now to try it, but from what I recall Avignon smelled a lot more like incense and the inside of a church. Kyoto smells much warmer, a sweet woodsy mid
CDG Kyoto, been testing out longevity of different cdg stuff lately
The large YKK zippers are sure nice
Starting a kickstarter to amass funds for a plane ticket for me to go to Seoul to help Drew so you will get your jackets quicker
yeah, well sale is pending so if I don't hear back i'll re-open
Levi’s red checked shirt ( no size labeled) - $20 30” nape to hem, 17” shoulders, 17” back Jil Sander two tone shirt ( size 38/15) - $70 shoulders 15”, sleeves 25”, 28.5” nape to hem, 18.5” PTP Uniqlo +J blue shirt (size S) - $35 17” shoulder, 26” sleeves, 18.5” PTP, 30” nape to hem Uniqlo blue and white OCBD (size S) -$15/ea 17.5” shoulder, 25” sleeves, 20” PTP, 30” nape to hem Steve Alan checked button up (size S) - $40 17” shoulder, 25” sleeves, 18” PTP, 30” nape to...
VOIDTHEBRAND white tank(size S) $30 rayon curved hem VOIDTHEBRAND grey long sleeve(size S) $30 wool curved hem VOIDTHEBRAND black tee shirt(size S) $30 rayon curved asymmetrical hem
Classic black Ann D jacket with larger/longer sleeves for the Ann D look. 4 pockets in total 18” shoulder, 27” sleeves, 25” nape to hem, 19” PTP
Off white Jil Sander long coat, with detachable hood. Heavy weight, cashmere construction with hidden placket buttons. Hidden sleeve buttons as well. Measurements: 18” shoulder, 25” sleeves, 20” PTP, 44.5” nape to hem, 35” underarm to hem
New Posts  All Forums: