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and also
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurrri Link to where to buy? And I'd like to see someone wearing them also +1 link to buy please. those are awesome Quote: Originally Posted by Schpacko Yeah baby, check out these stows: BTW: can anybody tell me something about the width of the stows? I wear a 9E in AE for example, do you think a stow would be too narrow? trickers are no way close to narrow feet. i...
i dont own any all saints boots but i do have seen them in person. they are lovely but slightly overpriced in full retail IMO
Quote: Originally Posted by choth21 I have this exact same bag except in a darker perforated leather. I also have the Bill Amberg Johnnie Walker bag. I love Bill Amberg. He's my favorite bag designer. I'd say my favorite brands are: Bill Amberg AG Spaulding Goldpfeil* Fred Perry* Prada Loewe Tanner Krolle* Connolly* Mulberry* (The ones with "*" above are brands without reviews in this thread, I think--I might have missed a post.) I...
not bad~~ may i know how much u pay for it?
Quote: Originally Posted by tooshay I'll agree with fa-fa-foo-hi and say that it's disappointing that they're made in India, but I have the Archie's and the leather, craftsmanship and overall quality are all simply superb. so the general consensus is to avoid rushden and feathermaster?
what about shipton heneage? they do have wide loafers e.g. you can always email and ask for the maker of a particular modal
thin. slim. deep v neck.
they are nice but how can one justify a $800 boot?
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele This is the U.S army roughout service boots fully coated in Snoseal and worn in abit. (Courtesy of SuFu Boots Threak) I've got some other pictures I found of the boots coated in dubbing as well, which I'll post later on. The USMC boondockers boots that I posted a few pages back should use the same roughout and thus come out the same. I'm going to snoseal one pair and keep the other pair as...
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