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Re-asking: I got an MTO in navy museum calf and can barely see either the navy or the museum effect. Is this normal? Will they lighten with wear?
I got my navy museum calf order from the special and was surprised that they looked very dark, almost black. Is that normal? Will they show more color with wear?
The price I am shown seems to include VAT even after entering my US address. Also, are there pictures of shoes in the navy museum calf? Not sure I'd seen that before.
I am selling a brand new with tags Ermenegildo Zegna Milano fit navy jacket. The jacket is Zegna's main line (not Z Zegna) and is from the current season and style. The jacket has never been worn and still has the white shoulder stitching, though you probably can't see that in my photos. The sleeves are unfinished and there is a bag with buttons for the sleeves as well as extra sleeve and main buttons just in case. I bought it for myself but it is a bit too long for...
Was the question about Dunhill from about 50-100 posts ago ever resolved? I saw a suit of theirs I liked that said Made in Spain and I was wondering about the quality and maker.
Has anyone tried the Hestra Siena peccary gloves? Any photos of them being worn? The color is beautiful. I take it shipping is the same price on just an order of gloves, right?
And will they be available to try on in NY?
Will you have something like your Spring 2013 lookbook for the fall/winter fabrics? That was very helpful.
I do usually wear a 38, but I'm tall and like my jackets relatively long. Perhaps I should have sized up as you suggest.
Don't resist ... I need to sell so I can buy a new one!
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