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And will they be available to try on in NY?
Will you have something like your Spring 2013 lookbook for the fall/winter fabrics? That was very helpful.
I do usually wear a 38, but I'm tall and like my jackets relatively long. Perhaps I should have sized up as you suggest.
Don't resist ... I need to sell so I can buy a new one!
Hi Clee, Thanks. The very first set of measurements I posted are my own measurements of the final piece, including BOC. Is that what you meant? The BOC is 29".
I am selling a gorgeous new Kent Wang navy blazer made from a navy Gladson Luxury wool/silk/linen blend fabric. There was some confusion on the sizing and the blazer is simply a bit too short for me. It is beautiful and I hope to order from Kent again soon, but rather than keeping this unworn in my closet I've decided to sell it. The original price for the G fabric with half lining is $845, but I will sell for $475. The fabric is T107240-G, shown here:...
Does anyone have a photo of... https://www.samhober.com/flower-silk-ties-en/powder-blue-on-dark-pink-flower-silk-tie-14-i.html or https://www.samhober.com/flower-silk-ties-en/english-flower-silk-tie-8.html
I tried on one of the cashmere sweaters at the NY pop-up shop and they are awesome. It is a heavy, very high-quality cashmere. Nice cut too.
Are there no measurements on the new site?
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