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being famous always means there'll be haterspart of life, but the stay home dads whos actually got time can keep trolling my thread while i go and make some money
yay i am famous
So out of no where, I get a message from some random dude on facebook saying this:(names omitted for privacy purposes)I went and checked out his profile, its some red neck post-grad looking dude who looks like he came straight out of animal house So how would you respond to this? Should I have some fun with this spamster?
Congrats to your fam on the vetteIt's a good looking carNot my cup of tea but if I was white I'd hit it
make sure to do it in front of your local high school to impress young girls
i dont look up to anybodynot even mark zuckerberg
haters should get a ring on their tongues because this kid did 190 on public roads on camera...
must be a canadian oh ya..haters who hate on asians.. thats not embracing multiculturalism and pro-immigrant philosophies that the colonies are built on
i dont think i calculated inflation in those dollars... but i'll stop the discussion here as i need to go work on something so i can get my m6
i think he really did a good job
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