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ToJ1 2011 sz.48 black/digi camo. New, Picked up from post office yesterday. $310 Shipped 100% feedback on Ebay: Palmboys
Price Drop. Mountain Parka $210 Shipped!!
Price Drop. Mountain Parka $225 Shipped!!
Price drop. $260 shipped!!
Price drop. $275 shipped!
Price drop. $295 shipped!
Thanks man. I decided to buy my friends Toj so if anyone is looking for a Size Small Mountain Parka It's in the b&s.
Wings + Horns Mountain Parka Size Small. Still brand new. Only tried on. For refernece I'm 6' 145. Retailed for $495 $210 Shipped!! 100% feedback on Ebay: Palmboys
Received the tan mountain parka in sz. Small from UncleOtis today.. I'm really liking this jacket tho I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.. My buddy offered to sell me his toj bomber so im debating weather or not to buy that.. If I do happen to buy the bomber this will be in the B&S by the end of the week.. URL=][/URL]
I have 2 pairs of chino shorts in sz 29 from last season that fit great.. Does this seasons westpoint chino shorts fit the same? Thanks.
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