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In my salad days, I tried to have a $120 haircut (no frederic fekkai price, but big bucks for a hair cut then for me) replicated at a salon charging $40. The result was simply not the same, but more importantly, I understood why the first stylist was entitled to his $120. There are much better analogies, but how would you feel if you were say, a homebuilder who was also an architect (providing the service as a discounted, value added service), and a customer gets you to...
What a raspy voice you have.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria It's an all numerator, no denominator kind of day. - B Where do you see the above post ranked? I'm trying to understand your system in order to comply with it and toss out my denominator but I have not yet decided what the value of the denominator I plan to get rid of will be.
On second thought, button-up Lacoste shirts at any price are highway robbery. Wearing free ones even rob you of your dignity.
What exactly does peanut butter do? I thought Beta blockers were the cool thing around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I rank this post #6. - B On which list?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS No darling ... we won't like them. Don't listen to him, he probably ordered a dozen, he just wants them all for himself.
Any idea what it is he does if he does not work nor go to school? Also are you aware you must send Richard Lewis 50c?
Quote: Originally Posted by George There's too much fussing about which merchant to use, and who offers the best cloth. Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy For what it's worth, Despos, if only allowed as single source of cloth, would go with H&S. I have always noticed that people on the various boards find the need to "rank" each and every maker of everything, to determine who is superior to whom. I suppose...
Quote: Originally Posted by ShelterIslandMike I mean a person could get beat up for wearing this stuff, even at church. The only time someone acted hostile towards me because of a wardrobe choice was in New York when a random stranger started yelling at me, calling me a murderer, because of an overcoat I was wearing that was trimmed with beaver fur. The irony here is that he was wearing leather shoes.
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