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What do you need a partner for? To bankroll the idea?
Quote: Originally Posted by fabiomassimo Well, hello everybody, I am new here. As an italian who loves made in italy things, I couldn't help noticing this thread. Just wanted to let you know that there are still some good small sized factories where italian people are doing what they have been doing for many years now, making beautiful clothes etc. I know a few of these, due to my job. Sadly, this is more the exception than the rule nowadays, and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER Welcome to Wisconsin This is about AE, right?
Finally, a thread the spammers can fully participate in! I've discussed this on a different forum to some length years ago, I first remember the Chinese in that region back in 01/02? Some people on here got so defensive when I called out "italian" quality. The truth is China has been planning this for hundreds of years, there are columns of soldiers and tanks in the basements of Chinatown restaurants and stores in every country they're in (and they're in every...
I forget, is there a Zilli @ CDG?
Quote: Originally Posted by kohelet Yes they have the LV EVIDENCE in blanc goes for 675 us price. I am sure some senior citizens here might consider it horrid but you know what if you like trends, and have the confidence to pull it off go visit a LV store and buy it! Actually, I don't think senior citizens would consider them horrid. I've seen quite a few of them on Miami Beach with sunglasses just like them, except the gold plating is usually...
I also advise painting a pair of another color, white.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 eat shit and die I feel you should be more specific. Do you want him to consume feces first, and then decapitate himself immediately after, do you want him attempt to do both simultaneously? Perhaps, you want him to die as a result of consuming feces. You also did not indicate what sort of feces you would like him to consume. You should guide newer members a little bit better in carrying out your demands,...
The only time you really see people dress in expensive clothing is when everyone in the company is well paid, ie finance, law, and other professional services. The owner of say, a cookie factory, is a millionaire but the average employee wears jeans and a t-shirt. A polo shirt, khakis, and loafers are enough to establish his position in the company.
Does it matter? They are so horrid, the more colors they release them in, the more horridious things get.
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