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Quote: Originally Posted by kohelet ben stiller (who isn't actually jewish) and adam sandler. neutoric jew started 5,000 years ago and a lucrative back then too Ben stiller is Jewish, he has a mezuzah on his door frame and both of his parents practice Judaism, it matters not that his mother is a convert, he was raised jewish. I'm not sure quite how lucrative being a neurotic jew a few thousand years ago would be, you didn't have a large...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorial1 Half is stretching. Was in the high $80s. With tax, license, etc: $90s. But I've seen some new ones listed pushing $180K Mine: First year model, but low miles (just for show). Difficult economic times? Didn't consider eBay as a possibility. Really wanted to see, feel, drive & inspect. Both friends who bought the first year models bought lemons. I hope this wasn't the case for...
If you find the right tailor, there is nothing like it. Same goes with whatever else you have made to order (not MTO).
I shed a single tear when I found out for what roles offers were made and to which actors. When I heard Shia was to be in the movie I cried myself to sleep. No Charlie Sheen (not a very good actor but it doesn't matter), and Shia?! Damn you Oliver and damn you Hollywood!
I'm dissapointed, I was expecting a link to a site where I could buy a Chinese replica.
Quote: Originally Posted by kohelet Body language says it all. He crossed his legs pointed towards her. And she is guarded, wrapped arms "Get away from me" look. Interesting pic, wonder who did his eyebrows? perhaps his daughter/wife? That's a wax model. You have to respect the man for making "neurotic jew" a viable and lucrative profession in itself; he also paved the way for other now famous comedians to take up the profession. I...
Only if they make seconds as well
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM He merged the A&S and Huntsman cut. Yes, I saw him running around savile row all the time, basically doing research (aka ripping off) to make up for his lack of knowledge about anything everything but women's thongs and dresses. I still think he should stick to those categories.
Vox, your list is missing some pets obviously. You have to realize some of them are low key and avoid that type of publicity. Some of them also acquired their inheritances through shady dealings and don't want that all over page 6 of the daily woof. Also, that author is incorrect about Slim not having a jet, he has a gulfstream V I've seen at teterboro and I know one of his sons has a BBJ that he also uses.
SATs are no longer on a 1600 point system, they changed them to 2000 something....2200 or 2400, not sure.
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