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Sleeves are too short. Also, are you starring in a 1920s movie about the chicago mob? if not, sell the suit.
So, your plan is to make polos? How original! No body is making polos yet, I bet you could make a killing. Btw, theres no such thing as a "clothing manufacturer", and if that says anything about what you know about the schmatta business, turn back now. If you want a less painful way to lose your money, just burn it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheButler I'm surprised nobody is pointing out that women have been making these types of comments since Twiggy and the stick-thin-model-brigade became the norm. You ain't being original in your complaint. Here's some support for you. Good luck with it. If you'd like to start seeing Seth Rogen do all the GQ ads, more power to you. Twiggy was turned down by so many people/publications before she became an icon,...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Fashion designers are artists... The industry can be very shallow but most great designers are very talented and creative individuals. Art never goes out of style or is donated to thrift shoppes. Clothing brands a businesses pure and simple (yes I know full well art isn't exactly innocent of involvement in commerce). Most clothing designers take some style from a "non-artist" label and make a few changes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Yika try: Once I pop, the fun will not stop?
fashion designers are wanna-be artists, so yes, they try hard to stroke their own egos really
Where are you located?
I personally find french cuffs and contrast collars obnoxious on anyone other than a partner
Great leather, on a great last, with the least amount of hardware possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Come on...Pogroms and being mass murdered at the local King's will wasn't that bad.. That is where they have the neurotic side from... Of course, they should thank all those kings for all the money they're making now. It wasn't really hangings and fire burning that were the issue, it was all the moving, I mean c'mon, there was no Uhaul back then. France kicks you out, then you schlep to england, then...
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