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How long did it take you to come up with that one? Because it sucked. But let me give you a reply that answers your question. Its point less to try to get specifications of the suit here to try to relay it to a tailor that would do it for less. You will not be happy with the result. Unless you buy the suit and they tear it apart to make a pattern, and see construction details, and info in this thread or others is essentially pointless. Peak lapels and vent is all a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Palladio Here is the new design for one of the men's store's in my city-- high ceilings, and lots of glass, wood and stone: http://larrimors.wordpress.com/ The displays of clothing are neatly organized; they look like someone put a lot of time and effort into them. Also, note how they not only have accessories and smaller items (socks, cologne, cufflinks), but they've positioned them near the register. EDIT: The...
Just curious, why Italian? I ask because, FYI, "made in italy" means exactly zero nowadays. Its sad when a lot of the leather from Pakistan I handled recently was better than those "super high quality history tradition tanning skins" from the la marche region.
Quote: Originally Posted by GradSchooler Thanks for that useful input Same to you, sir.
Any men's clothing by Tom Ford is a farce and a caricature, plain and simple. What Tom Ford attempts to do now is an ideological contradiction. The man knows nothing about real mens clothing, anyone around the row on a semi-regular basis could catch him running around the shops looking for details to steal. He designed dresses and whatnot based on aesthetics, now wants to make mens clothes which is based on craftsmanship? Yea, right. To answer your question, the look is...
These should prove very useful if you ever need to perform surgery in that jacket
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