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I'll go if Bill goes
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Giant gold sailboats for the links will say, "Admiral, hire me." - B you really really like those cufflinks, huh? Maybe he'll sell them to you if the price is right, or you can do an exchange; all those ae seconds are a valuable currency around these parts...
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 where was it made? All his suits are made in Italy like most of his stuff. Its because of who his backers are.
Quote: Originally Posted by dbc Huh?!! Looks good. Not quite to my taste, but as everyone one else has said, it looks great OTR. The sarcasm, you have missed it.
Is this a black tie event?
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Could I get you to elaborate on what makes a great last? You know it when you see it. Not awfully helpful, I know. I personally don't like bloby lasts, nor lasts that are too pointy without the right proportions elsewhere in the shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Only 2 films I can enjoy from Woody: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex & Manhattan. I gave up on his films after Zelig. Have I missed anything? He had little to no style with clothes that I could see but commited a lot of sacrilidge. The best thing he ever wore...the only outfit he ever looked good in, ever, was this..: his movie with larry david was ok
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Search for Penguin seconds on Ebay to get in touch with the firm in Peru that makes for them. If he wants to buy 500pcs per style per color...
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Wow, you're stupid. I'm obviously not going to tell you my entire idea. How is there no such thing as a place that has a bunch of people sewing together garments? I know I'll have to source from various wholesalers... I'm stupid, yet you're the one who has NO idea what you're talking about
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog At least I'm not the only one who thinks that! Well, he lived in Manhattan, at that time it required no effort (clearly) to dress like that.
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