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Do not let the Arabs and Africans "see" their way to your pockets.
I don't copy or emulate anyone's style (I know this isn't a thread about who's style you copy), nor do I claim my "style" to be original (the suit isn't a very original garment). However, Gordon Gekko brings a smile to my face.
Yes, tom ford will personally measure you (watch him particulary close when hes measuring your inseam), and sew the suit up himself. Tom ford makes every suit personally with all those skills he has....
Who cares about some rapper
In soviet russia, bad customer service deal with you!
Good fa takin care of that thing you was posed to take care of fa me
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter is it just me, or does it look like someone took a load off on that girl's face? The medium of one of Duchamp's abstracts was only recently discovered to be seminal fluid.
You were correct in obscuring your face
You should call up Mr. Green personally and demand to know what is the meaning of this!
My favorite watch maker, along with FPJourne and Minerva
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