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Price Drop: $200 to $180 Hi, This jacket doesn't fit me any more, obviously this jacket has been warn but is still in great condition, there's a little pilling around the cuff and hem, but everything else is solid. Condition: 8.5 / 10, lining is black and white tiger camo. Shipping is from Melbourne, Australia and I will ship anywhere, but is not included in the price. Roughly to the US it will cost $30. Paypal only accepted. Thanks.
Long time no post, I took some quick horrible phone pics to display the evolution of the jacket (VTG MDR), I think it has been around 2 and a half years now.I love this jacket but the stitching is coming undone in the arm pits, it's just not quite strong enough for the hefty leather.... Find more pics and the damaged stitching in the spoiler. [[SPOILER]]
I got the previous version of the camel duffle, I love it, pure class.
I love it. John Coppidge is just fantastic. It just works on any level you look at it. Humour: check Pleasant to say out loud: check and as Willy demonstrated looks good in official looking fonts: check. I mean look at this shit, it's perfect in Copperplate.
Have you checked out the new APC cut PNS? Don't know much about it but they say it's like PS but with a slightly higher rise...
Just FYI my jacket has in the last 3-4 months or so has become "throwonable", it's such a powerful piece that instantaneously feel different as soon as i hurl this beast of a jacket on. I probably don't look as good in it as with my CM black lamb, but i god damn love this jacket 10 times more than all of my ToJ items, check that, more than all of my whole wardrobe.Your CM VTG is starting to look damn fine, almost making want to own the MRD AND the CM.
I'm guessing these tickets will be made out of NZ lamb? Designed to capture a classic and effortless ticket style, that would be accepted in any situation that requires a ticket. Movies, Airports, Concerts, you name it. Don't be caught dead without your ToJ ticket, as even Charon accepts it lieu of a coin to cross the river Styx to Hades.
Alright fellas, another update of the VTG MDR. I know I need a better camera but i work with what i got.Check the spoilers for more detailed shots. [[SPOILER]]
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