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Sounds great! You guys might check in with the Armoury and similar places about carrying some of the Linjer line - seems like a good fit client-wise.
Can't resist the navy - even though I would have said I don't need another briefcase! The color depth in the leather looks just superb. And happy to help another HK-er make good!
I suppose we probably shouldn't care what they advocate, given some of the faceplant-worthy errors they commit. For example, here's a single page from the September 2012 issue. Note that: A) The "hand-burnished oxfords" are not oxfords; and B) Nucky Thompson is not wearing a fedora (looks to me to be a homburg).
Hmmmmmm...non-rule rules or idiosyncrasies: A breast pocket demands a square (OK, except on an overcoat) No white shirts with odd jackets (and almost never with blazers; maybe that is becoming a rule) A white shirt with a suit should be FC, unless the suit is ultra-casual. No BD shirts with suits, ever. I keep trying to loosen this rule but every time I try it I wind up changing before going out - something in me rejects the idea. Only brown or oxblood shoes with odd...
Well, it was clearly filmed before 5PM (broad daylight), so the dinner suit rankles. I must admin that I rationalized it while watching by noting that the clocks in the film were, I believe, set to the time of the opening ceremony, which was in the evening. It's so nice that there is a place for us to have this OCD discussion. And while I'm on about it, did anyone also find it odd that the Queen addressed him as "Mr. Bond" rather than "Commander Bond?"
Many thanks for the PSA and code! Snagged Chelseas and white wingtips.
Most of the "don't wear 'X' until you are senior" thread advice is hysterically misguided in my experience (bulge bracket US IBs, from associate to MD; now at hedge fund). I wore braces before, all during, and after that experience, and no one ever batted an eyelash, except to ask me where they should buy clothes or who my tailor was. You could (and can) frequently find me in a three-piece suit, and always a pocket square. No one would ever mistake me for a fashion...
Like Doc I am both traditional and highly scrutinous of interview attire, but this sounds fine to me. It's not generally my taste, but OCBD with a (single-breasted only, please) suit is perfectly unexceptional CBD. Yes, the OCBD has its roots in sporting clothing, but so does the suit itself, albeit further back, no? Age has nothing to do with this question, as far as I'm concerned, nor is it really ever a factor in what one should wear for an interview after the age of...
Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig how sad. more evidence of how so many b-schools are becoming increasingly shallow trade schools vs. true institutions of learning.... Becoming?
I could be interested - need to know more about the timeline as well, given that I'm in Hong Kong most of the time. Cheers to Andrew for his kind offer as well.
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