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I generally just lurk as I have nothing of use to add (as is indicated by that tiny number on the side) but I just felt I had to tell you that this thread has been a joy to go through for the last few days. I'm not of the ilk that can afford such shoes but if I ever come into money then I definitely think G&G will be at the top of my list. Thanks for the photos guys, this thread truly deserves the "Shoe porn" title.
Heheh, doody.At least you've got a lead now though. Burgundy loafers? He could be SF. Watch your back, this thread may be compromised.
Put different shapes in to confuse him. Move on to origami in a couple of days. Maybe he'll freak out if he sees a paper Imhotep in the door.
I have run out of both Gin and wine. I have no whiskey left either. I think I only have Calvados and Sambucca left, neither of which I'm terribly in the mood for . I don't know what to do .
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell I haven't lived in Dublin in ten years, but Peter Barrie off Grafton Street and Louis Copeland on Pembroke Street were OK for suits. Shoes were a complete disaster. You're better off ordering from the UK for everything - TMLewin would be my choice. Where were you thinking of going for a DB suit? Bray is only a little bit Wicklow - all the sheep are indoors. Yes, I was slightly tempted by Louis...
Cheers guys. Bray, actually. Not sure if that's better or worse to be honest. Sartorially speaking, Ireland in general is a bit of a black hole though ain't it?
More Prince Michael of Kent. Now, I've read a lot about short men in double breasted suits (I'm roughly 5'7") and I know they all say it's ok if done right. I, however, have quite a broad torso and shoulders and not overly long legs to compensate for this. Does this exclude me from realistically pulling off a double breasted suit? I would like one but it would be a rather large chunk of money to drop on looking ridiculous.
I've been a nameless lurker for a while, decided to finally become a named one. I'm on the 90th page of the "Folded Up Shirt Porn" thread and it's really quite nice. I'm in danger of spending a whole lot of money though...
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