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you gotta be cool to have permission to post in the toj thread
haven't there been posts with people asking when shipping/tracking was going out on like every page for awhile now?
Weird. I just pulled up this thread and the second it loaded I noticed I got an email and it was tracking for my jacket. Ordered late September.
^ If you mean you received your moto in December as opposed to ordered it then, I don't know about that. I ordered an MDR at cutoff and got it this past December and I can't fit my fist through the cuff like that. Measurement is 5.5.
[[SPOILER]] Where are the pants from?
Hoodie + moto=aww yeah
^ I'll post a fit pic in the next few days or so. I don't have a decent camera and the whiskey color is so good that it deserves decent photography before being posted on the internet. I'm gonna wait 'til I can get my gf to take a good pic with her camera.
Got my whiskey lamb MDR two days ago and I haven't been able to take it off since I opened the package. The fit is perfect (thanks charly). In the two days I've worn it, I've gotten 5 compliments from strangers and I literally had to swat one of my friends away who kept touching it because of how soft it is. Thank you TOJ!
trench and hidden placket shirts
WOOOOOOO Just got tracking for my cutoff MDR.
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