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Shot in the dark, but does anyone know where I could find the purple llama flannel from last F/W in a small?
Please let me know if you have one of these NWT/NWOT/in good condition that you're willing to sell. 12/11 - Price update.
I think the pineapple shirt (and all of the Indigos) can only be bought from Unionmade.GBV just updated their site the other day and added some seersucker stuff exclusive to their online store, including this McNairy collab:
A couple new shirts just popped up on Unionmade. Finally got the pineapple print I was looking for!
Does anyone know where to find either of these (if they're available at this point)?
Apparently the S/S '13 stuff is going to be hitting stores soon:
Just a heads up: South Willard has all their Gitman stuff at 40% off right now, although the stock is pretty limited.
Any word on/previews of Gitman's spring/summer line?
Do you guys plan on restocking the Walt Regiment Twill Cloud pants?
I get really into this album once every six months or so.
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