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If you put in the thin Dr. Scholl's inserts, then you should be fine. The thicker ones like Spenco Polysorb or UGG insoles may cause a problem.
Speaking of cobblers, does anyone know of a good cobbler in the Los Angeles area?
Right now, I'm trying a few different insoles. I currently have the Spenco® Full Length Arch Cushions in them. Amazon has them for about $12 a pair. It has good arch support but not too aggressive. i also have a pair of Uggs insoles ($15 at Zappos) but i need a much thinner sock because they take up more room. I ordered my W1Ks true-to-fit because I planned on using insoles and so far the fit has been great..
Anyone know where I can get a pair of these 721LTDs in a 9.5?
Try a pair of Uggs fleece insoles (~ $15). That will help with the slightly large fit and you'll have a warm and super-comfortable pair of boots.
I'm currently using the Spenco® Full Length Arch Cushions. Amazon has them for about $12 a pair. It has good arch support but not too aggressive.
After Obenauf's and Sno-Seal treatments, I've been wearing my new brown W1Ks for a few hours a day for the last couple of days. They're very comfortable. Does anyone have any suggestions on some medium weight socks that will stay up? My current socks fall down, bunch up, and work their way into the top of the boot, which is very annoying. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Very nice!
Hi folks, Just got my brown 1Ks yesterday (thanks Crane's). What's the consensus on using shoe trees with your 1Ks? Pros/Cons? Any particular brand? Ed
I think you're right. It's either a D width or EEE and I know the EEE would be too wide. I guess for me the W1K is true to size.
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