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Hi all, I'm getting married in July and I'm working on my bow tie tying skills. I wear regular ties several times a week, but I've never worn a self-tie bow tie before. I've been practicing tying it, and I'm not exactly a natural. Hahaha. I took these pictures today. Is it looking half decent? Please ignore the shirt (it's the one I wore to work today). Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, for anyone wondering, I bought the bow tie from Kent Wang....
Also, I'm trying to find midnight blue, over-the-calf socks, but it's proving a bit challenging. Do you guys think these are dark enough? Or should I just stick with black socks?
What do you guys think of these? Credit to Raggedy for the shoe review site.
I don't disagree with you. I'm just not a huge fan of patent leather. If I can get something that looks great with the tux but can also serve other purposes, that's a bonus.
That website looks like a fantastic resource. Thanks!
Nothing! I just haven't really found any in brands that I'm familiar with. It seems like a rare style these days.I'm on the fence on the AE Carlyles because they're not as clean as I'd ideally like - I like the look of wholecuts.
Those look great! Do they still sell them? I just took a quick look on their website and didn't see them listed.
Those are nice! I want a plain toe or a wholecut oxford though.
Hi all, I recently ordered a midnight blue shawl collar tuxedo with black lapel facings for my wedding (more details here: I've been looking for shoes to go with it for a while now. I thought about patent leather at first, but my fiancee isn't a huge fan, plus I like the idea of buying something I can wear with suits and not just with the tux. The front-runner right now is...
I also decided to get double vents on the jacket. I know ventless is the more traditional, but I have a suit with a ventless jacket and I've never cared for it.
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