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Hey all! I started making leather items over the past few months. Fun little side thing; we'll see where it goes
My Speedy Pro
Quick snap of my recent acquisition
This, and it's amazing.
Well, didn't fit at all. On the bay...
Yeah. The Miyota was in the previous generation. This is what the 8926c looks like now with the new Seiko movement:*image from Watchuseek forum:
Thanks! It's the 8926C.
I would but I can't afford to at the moment (I won't be buying a Submariner). I bought this one because I was curious about the new Seiko movement and I wanted a little project to do. I have lots of years left and two timepieces to target. More important things are taking up the larger fund pools at the moment. I have time.
Did them myself : )
Regretfully had to sell my GP this past summer due to leaving my last company. Cleaned up the watch wish list as well, as I had too many (especially considering the lifetime maintenance cost they would total). The Speedy Pro and Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo have become the two contenders to purchase and hold during my lifetime. Meanwhile, a Hamilton may or may not find it's way into the box in the near future. Until then, this is my latest acquisition and small project....
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