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Both A Guy from Shanghai and Mr. Moo were great to purchase from.
Smooth transactions with deveandepot1, tweedydon, and GQhustler
Free bump for a "can't believe it's not gone yet" SC
floors to go and TintoTerra have been a pleasure to purchase from
I've made two orders from Kent Wang over the past month and I must say that his customer service is exemplary. It is prompt, personal, and ultimately satisfying. Thanks Kent!
I think their men's underwear is a great deal. Low friction, well constructed, and $24/pair. I also have two shirts and two shorts. The shirts are made with an x-static based textile they use called "Silverescent". There's silver permanently bonded to the textile fiber, which is primarily marketed to eliminate bacterial odors but also has the nice benefit of greatly mitigating any static buildup issues. All of these were washed by my gym for a year now and are in...
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood I heard the soup nazi is back in business! I think he was at like 56st and 8th ave?? 55th just a little east of 8th ave, and yep! Not sure if he's open quite yet but I've seen the sign in the window. Looks cleaner in there then it used to, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by WSW What's a really good place for clams, oysters, raw seafood? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! I'm not much of a raw bar guy, but if you don't mind a little work it's really easy to find fresh fish make ceviche/crudos/sashimi yourself. Citarella, Blue Moon Fish (found at either the Union Square or Grand Army Plaza markets), and Lobster Place in Chelsea Market are all great places to find fresh fish....
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian The steamed pork bun at Ippudo are pretty good, but I have to admit that Momofuku has them beat on that point. The ramen at Ippudo is hands down the champion in NYC though. The ramen they serve at Momofuku doesn't come close; I almost prefer the packaged stuff. David Chang built his empire on that pork bun so there's got to be something to it I think Noodle Bar serves a mean pig tail if you're...
As somebody who lives in NYC and eats out 3 times a week it's difficult to offer recommendations concisely. I'll just pick a few standouts I think The Red Cat is one of the best tables in the city right now. If you take the advice of walking the Highline it would be a great idea to have lunch or an early dinner there. The Red Cat is on 10th Ave between 23rd & 24th. Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar is an Austrian restaurant with a Michelin Star, casual dresscode, and...
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