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alright I just got new 3sixteen slim tapered double blacks... got to get them hemmed. I know it's preference but I wanted to hear what you guys think: 5'6" asian male with athletic build, bigger than average thighs, going to wear with gats and mmm side zips---stacks or no stacks (1 cuff)?
just kidding. they are $149. I went to the Downtown Crossing store in Boston and a sales associate who knew what was up confirmed the the cash register it was $309 or something, but I had that SA come and change the price manually for me.nice!
Boston locations (Cambridgeside, Newbury, and Downtown Crossing) are all $300 still. But I only called and didn't go there myself yet. Anyone know where they're being sold for 150?
Sizing advice on MOMA? I just might be able to fit these if they run big. Also, any yoox coupons?
Update on the +J Half Coat (XS, beige): In 35F nighttime weather, the insulated vest kept my midsection surprisingly warm with just a white t-shirt. However, there's no insulated sleeves, so my arms were really cold. Plus, the waterproof/nylon lining in the sleeves doesn't seem to retain heat that well, so it compounded the coldness :\ I wore the coat the next day in 45F, this time with a Soft Touch Long Sleeve V with a Heattech...
I got beige in XS. It looks like beige.. a lil dark, a lil green. militaryish i guess. I remember seeing the olive in stores but, I'm sure it was pretty dark. Can't tell you if it looked brown or not :\Warmth and weatherproof... It's actually unusually nice in Boston this week, so give me until mid next week to comment about that. It should rain and drop to lower 40s (F).
After further review, I feel like it's kinda too big on me. Iono. I'll still wear it tho.
I've found that GAP tees/vees fits vary from season to season. That being said, I own a lot of XS tees, and a little bit of vees. For reference, I'm a 5'6" 130lb. asian male. The XS tees fit pretty spot on in shoulders/chest, but the length is pretty long and bunches up undesirably sometimes. Thickness and fit sometimes varies on the color. But I've gotten the best fit from the white pocket tee. Also, you have to baby these things in the wash. The XS vees I don't wear....
TOJ peacoat, 495 shipped
Hey guys, any recommendations for a overdyed black selvedge pair for under $150?
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