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Hi all, I'm selling some Rancourt sand suede Chukka Mocs, size 7.5D. Originally got these in February 2012. I thought they would fit me bc I wear 7.5 MacAllister desert boots, but these (despite some stretching attempts, once by a local shoe repairperson and once by Rancourt themselves) never worked for me. I normally wear sizes 8-9 shoes. These will be best for people who normally wear 7.5-8 street shoes. They're in good condition--could use some cleaning, and...
also, just to be complete: Sorry, just getting nostalgic over here. Don't mind me.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg ^That play is the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of Cliff Lee. Wish him all the success in the world (unless the Rangers meet the Phils in the Series). Or if he goes to the Yankees.................
Last I checked the original ("Let the Right One In") was available on Netflix Instant, that's how I saw it. Def curious about the remake.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg ++ thirded!
No way Joan has ever had a kid. I'm guessing that it's been 15 years since her first abortion, so she said her "daughter" was 15.
wut? this isn't even a Steely Dan song.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Her character is certainly a lot more likeable. And sympathetic. I don't understand why Cooper was so distraught over Blankenship's death. Before this episode I don't remember him saying word one to her. Unless his reaction was supposed to be him dealing with his own mortality - they look to be about the same age. I always appreciate Sterling's humorous take on a given situation, but he was a real weasel in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Was anyone else surprised about how Cosgrove spoke to Don and the fact that Don didn't put him his place? I thought Cosgrove was pretty ballsy in front of the brothers. True. But this might have been one of Cosgrove's accounts that he brought over to SCDP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern What did that symbolize exactly? I was thinking it was something along the lines of "the woman behind the man", in this case Don, which was said by Joan in the same episode. I think it represented 3 different archetypes for women of the time. Joan is more old school, wants babies and kids and is fine using her sex appeal in getting what she wants. Faye is way new school, is fine with being 30something and...
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