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I thought I had read that too but seems like the quote before yours suggest green calf is good for QDR.I thrashed a cheap All Saints jacket jumping into bushes one night. And tore through another one while hopping freight trains in Utah. I have an old Harley Davidson perfecto-style (from the 50's) that I had to tailor but that thing is damn near bullet proof. Anyway, I like to beat up my clothes and while TOJ lamb is buttery soft and all that, I'm considering something...
Drew, I want a QDR. What color/ leather are you digging? Also, I love the lamb but I think I want something more durable...would calf allow me to beat it up a bit more (eg jumping in bushes whilst intoxicated) or do I need to step up to horse for that kind of armor (not that QDR is available in horse....in fact, is calf even a good idea for QDR?). Help me Obi-won Keith-obi.
Are RIck leathers sized weird? I was looking at two different models, both Larges, and one had a p2p of 22" and the other was 20"
I'm sure it's been discussed before... What are peoples' opinions on Rick Owens boots? Sizing? I'm looking at the basic side zips and the combat side zips....
^^ Those look great. Question: anybody know of a place in LA where I can try on some Guidi in person? I just can't let go of the fact that they may be too narrow for me until I see for myself. Somebody told me Maxfields may have some.
Lace ups probably but I'm down for some zips if they are the right ones. To be clear, I'm not looking for anything refined. I tend to beat the hell out of my clothes and I like clothes that not only take it, but look better because of it.So as far as boots go, I'm looking for something that I can wear everyday, that require minimal care, and will look better with age.Will pair mostly with denim.I thought I had found the answer with Guidis...so I guess that aesthetic, but...
Has anybody ever had luck adding themselves to the "wait list" on Gilt and had the item come back in stock?
Welllllll, SHIT. I thought I had found my jam.Anybody have any suggestions for a similiar profile/ quality in horse...but for wider feet?Time to start this whole laborious finding-a-black-boot thing from the beginning. Just some brands to get me started would be appreciated. And thanks eck and others for help with the stupid Guidis.Edit: nvm i know there a ton of brands, i'll start looking again and maybe ask for help when i've narrowed it down
Ah gotcha, thanks. Wrinkled leather ninja sock.Yeah, that's why I'm confused. Luigi from PNP said his foot measures 27cm and he wears 43 in Guidi so he suggests for my foot (27.5cm), I get a 44.
Thanks for the clarification. Curious, why do you say steer clear of the MS models? Is it just an aesthetic thing?Now I'm confused. I am usually a 10.5/11 in American sizes and I emailed PNP with my foot measurment (27.5cm) and they suggested a 44.
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