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I know you are a respected member here so I tread lightly... but this is bullshit. Some of my most formative moments came from people who dressed/ looked/ acted differently from me. It's all about attitude. If you wear all Julius and you act like an arrogant depressed asshole then that's how you will be perceived. But if you wear all Julius and you are charming and fun and positive...then you wiill be perceived that way.My favorite people in life haven't played by the...
You have decent clothes but you look like the definition of a mouth breather. Trim you beard, close your mouth in your pics, and give your pics some movement. I like what you are doing because your clothes are different than a lot of stuff that is posted here but you need better pics/ poses.Slashy slashy!
Question- I'm sure it's been covered before but why do people blur/ obscure/ crop their faces in WAYWT pics? Is it because of some privacy issue? Or because people think fits should be based on clothes alone? I think it's helpful (in criticizing) to know what somebody looks like when judging a fit (eg Otter's comments in TOJ about what color leather works with what complexions, or any number of references about what face shape/ hair color/ etc works best with what glasses/...
Kills it
[[SPOILER]] I like it but it is thrown off by your hair...looks like you might be trying to grow your hair out? Have you considered wearing a hat? I did hats/ bandanas/ all sorts of stuff while growing out my hair. In your case, a hat might be good to cap off your hair but also balance out the look and give you an opportunity to add something more interesting to this otherwise good-fitting but unremarkable fit.
Hey did you sell your W+H varsity?
It's too boring to wearing with boring boring. Sorry, it's just not might style but maybe somebody else can comment if they are not too BORING to wearing with BORING BORING. I assume they are expensive...spend your money on something that expands your comfort zone (i.e. something that you take a risk on) or hone in on your BORING look
Dunno. I thought I was pretty desensitized to prices that most people would consider "surprising" but it still shocked me a bit when I did the conversion.Makes sense. Thanks. No returns or exchanges makes sizing/ buying on the internet a pretty tough roll for this one.
New Posts  All Forums: