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NYI first fit of yours I've really liked. Nice.
Long arms = stacks
Classy. What a tool.
That was lame of SVB. And lol at fud trying to be all u mad bro after copping a schneider and some jeans that fit.
Beautiful white Ma-1 bomber from Helmut Lang. Size Medium. New with tags, never been worn. Light-weight and fitted. Retailed for $450-500. Approximate measurements: Shoulders: 15" Chest: 21.25" Back length: 25" Price includes shipping CONUS: $250
Didn't see any
Was in American Rag today and saw a couple crew neck Schneider knits for 75% off. Both size 6.
Benes I don't know shizz about MC but think I can safely say that the pants need to be tapered a bit below the knee. And anything with big wrinkles like that in the jacket means something is going on...maybe it's the way you're posing or maybe it's because you have a broad back.
New Posts  All Forums: