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33 waist, length hemmed to approx 32.5. Only tried on, never worn outside. Perfect condition. Subtle striped texture on the denim (see pic). Red selvage and pocket detailing. $150 100 shipping included CONUS
32x34 Slight wax coating. Denim is 9.5/10...but the button has been partially separated from the material and will need to be repaired at a small cost by any competent tailor. Priced to sell quickly. $100 80 shipping included CONUS.
Is the red calf still available?
Drew, thanks for your comments. Really, the only bummer I have about the whole thing was my email exchange about sizing. Without dragging things down with the minutiae of the conversation, I will just say that I had some consternation about the discrepancies between my body measurements and the measurements of the jacket I provided. It felt very much like Charly did not have the time to actually deal with tweaking questions, he had to just keep things moving. It felt like...
Yeah but then it feels all floppy. Would drive me crazy.
Thanks for the feedback. FWIW, I actually kinda like the "wall of leather" look...it feels more apocalyptic and modern and less retro and biker-ish. And the asymmetrical zip on these jackets is one of my favorite features. But, as I said, I appreciate the feedback and I definitely think I could take an inch or more off of the sleeves next time. Here you go snowman...I exaggerated the cuff flare a bit to better illustrate it. I think it's an issue of the sleeves being too...
Yeah the sleeves are probably too long. Next time, I'll keep the sleeves stock and probably size down a touch in the body. But this wasn't a case of poking noses in the TOJ kitchen. This is a design Drew has approved and agreed to make for people- he's shot plenty of other ideas down. I followed all instructions on the website for sizing (both body and a different jacket) and sent measurements to Charly. Then waited without a peep for it show up. Sometimes you nail it,...
Measured my arms, measured another jacket I have and sent measurements to Charly. EDIT: The other jacket I measured does have long sleeves ala RO.
How so? Edit: BTW isn't your jacket the epitome of customization? Not trying to be antagonistic just trying to get some clarification for what you meant.
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