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Benes I don't know shizz about MC but think I can safely say that the pants need to be tapered a bit below the knee. And anything with big wrinkles like that in the jacket means something is going on...maybe it's the way you're posing or maybe it's because you have a broad back.
Thanks man, yeah I ended up needing closer to a 48, too, so I'm reordering as soon as I sell this one. Speaking of which, this next bump is going to be a price drop to 500.
Drew, what leather that you currently have in stock (or will have shortly) develops the nicest patina as it wears? What looks the best after it's been worn-in? If you had said you liked black calf suede in my other post, I would have pulled the trigger on a new bcdr immediately but now I'm back considering material options.
Those are nice pics but that lighting is pretty specific. I'd like to see it under natural light, too. EDIT: Also looking forward to pics of diesel blue suede....
Drew, I'm gearing up for a BCDR is black calf suede. Wondering what the texture of the suede is like... does it lean more toward rough out or velvet? What's the thickness?
Figured this out and answering my own question for anybody who may be confused about this, too...apparently if you aren't logged in, you will see text enhance in posts. Once you log in, it goes away. Whatever.
Why do I all of a sudden see text enhance in posts? I don't have any extensions or add-ons installed (have never downloaded any) and yet I see it with both Safari and Chrome...
Black lamb. Basically a stock 50 with a slight addition of length .5-1" This was my first TOJ and I missed on the measurements a bit so I'm taking the loss and reordering. It's not far off from stock size, though, so it should fit a good number of people well. Taking these photos makes me not want to sell it because it is such a beautiful jacket. Never worn outside, just tried on a few times indoors. shoulders 18.5" chest...
I remember Drew saying a while back that the DR designs are less-than-ideal for wider guys as the extra material in front accentuates the width in the torso, that they look best on skinny guys. So, what styles best flatter a wider guy?
New Posts  All Forums: