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looks good Caveat keep
TBS is talking dirty to me... VIPSEXC3
Too bad. I think a "fur" or shearling collar looks pretty great on a DR eg Brad's. I was specifically interested in one on a CWU because I prefer the pockets over the A-2.
Is the A-2 the only jacket that offers an optional shearling collar (either on or off-menu)?
Awesome potsnu. Also, Brad fit is fantastic +1 on paying attention to Attachment thread.
Has anybody stopped by the H Lorenzo tent sale in the past few days? Anything worth looking at?
There is a post right above yours looking for a charcoal MA1 in 48. Does this thread ever work?
It's true that DR style jackets tend to accentuate the width of the torso to some degree. It's because there is a ton of extra material in the front so when worn open, especially, it makes the jacket look that much wider, as if to accommodate a wider torso.Motos are tricky because, yes, they can be better suited for "stocky" builds but they can also work against them if not configured right; band collars and cropped jackets are not good for stocky people. Go with a collar...
For the guy looking for boots- Alden Roy. KJ I like that Raf sweater. Benes, no on the jacket. My $.02
How are Dsquared2 leather jackets quality-wise?
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