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Your quote is an example of the short-sightedness and impotency of his TOJ customers. That's not a slight against you, I'm just pointing out that that attitude has been the default position of many people and yes, if it stops at complaining on styleforum, there isn't much incentive for Drew to rectify the situation. There are plenty of incentives (not tarnishing his restaurant's name and losing customers, not having his current business partners start sweating him, not...
[[SPOILER]] ^^^Spot on.The money for production is not available, otherwise Drew would be making jackets and getting this off his plate. Also, remember, TOJ is a money-making business. Do you think Drew doesn't want to make money by producing as many jackets as he can as quickly as possible? There are two possibilities- either TOJ can't scale or the money isn't there. If TOJ could scale, then Dan and Charly would be working their asses off and getting paid. All indications...
Mine fit everywhere else, just really tight in the instep. But the poor quality control seems to explain the sizing discrepancies, even among "same" sizes of the same model. Disappointing for such a high-end brand but I guess allowances (excuses?) are made for the "fashunz."
It's actually not the laces, it's the tongue that's stitched into the shoe- it's not going anywhere. There's nothing to loosen up other than possibly that the shoe may break in over time. But it's reaallllly tight, can't imagine it would break in that much.Anyway, just curious if this is a thing with RO footwear that others have experienced but looks like not.Thanks for the feedback.
I'm curious as well.
No that I know of. Never had this problem with any other footwear.
I've never owned RO shoes before and I ordered a pair of the Ramones low tops that were on sale recently on MH. They arrived and I have a sizing question- I wear a 10.5- 11 in US and ordered a 44. They are perfect in length but the instep is really tight... the part of the shoe where it laces across the top. I can barely squeeze my foot in and it applies a lot of pressure. Otherwise the size is perfect and I can't imagine going any bigger- then the length would be too long...
This would be a cool thread/ contest to start...
Excellent. Thanks for the heads up.
+1Also, what's the leather jacket?
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