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Lifestyle pic of H&M, Zanerobe and Nike. And by "Lifestyle" I mean stuck in a La Quinta Inn in Iowa, LA with an inspiring view of the interstate. But I did shoot an alligator in the head today.
Yes. Wouldn't you agree? As for the boots, I like them but don't dig the laces in the back seems gimmicky.
Nice to see something different (and well done)
You're that guy a lot
I've had two Allsaints leathers fall apart (holes, ripped seams) in less than 30 wears. The leather is dry and thin and it cracks and tears. Edit: xtra letters
NYI first fit of yours I've really liked. Nice.
Long arms = stacks
Classy. What a tool.
That was lame of SVB. And lol at fud trying to be all u mad bro after copping a schneider and some jeans that fit.
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