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Best to have a look through the WAYWT thread to come up with ideas. A couple prominent users that come to mind who are built and/ or lift are Benesyed and thekunk07 and jet, although you may be in a league of your own.As far as jeans for bigger thighs, check out jeans that are carrot cut or that have a high rise or slight drop crotch. The store Self Edge carries high-end denim and provides measurements. And check out the leather jacket thread for ideas, sounds like you're...
Ha, true.
I don't understand this. Why would anybody voluntarily sign up to get involved in this shit show? After everything, you still want a part of TOJ?Hey guys, remember when Drew accepted cash payments for a huge amount of orders and opened a restaurant and disappeared from the forum and wildly missed his promised delivery dates and stopped communicating with his customers and left his right-hand man out in the cold to deal with angry people and forced them to band together to...
To be clear, I don't really have a horse in this race nor do I have a crystal ball. I ordered a TOJ jacket a few years ago and was pleased with the process and the product. I ended up selling it because I outgrew the style but my experience with them then- the communication, the custom features, the quality of the leather- was great. Which is why it's hard to watch what has happened and see everybody left out to dry and not feel frustrated, too. I guess my whole point is,...
Why aren't people taking any action other than posting here and complaining? Many of you have powerful credit card companies on your side. Paypal disputes have been suggested but I haven't seen anybody do that. TOJ is engaged in international sales and trade and there are regulatory agencies governing that. Likely, Drew has leveraged your money to finance a larger loan to open his new restaurant and has overextended himself. He can neither pay for production of the...
Sold out online, let me know if you have one. Thanks.
jbravo, first one is rad
looks good Caveat keep
TBS is talking dirty to me... VIPSEXC3
Too bad. I think a "fur" or shearling collar looks pretty great on a DR eg Brad's. I was specifically interested in one on a CWU because I prefer the pockets over the A-2.
New Posts  All Forums: