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Is there any proof that Drew left Libertine? I remember one of the partners coming into the thread and saying that he had left and pleading with people to stop slamming them but that also seems like a convenient way of getting everybody off their backs if, in fact, Drew just took a role as a silent partner. Leaving a business is not often a simple matter (requires legal filings, restructuring, calculating and redistributing shares and ownership, payouts, etc) and it could...
Awesome bag @nicelynice you should be stoked on that one.
Yeah, digging those last two Benes, especially the silhouette of the second one, I think the crease in the pants is great.
He is the editor-in-chief of the South Korean arm of an internationally-known and respected news company. And, as @iamacyborg pointed out, his company has a code of ethics to maintain. If he values his job and wants to keep it, he should be concerned about the the company he keeps and the people he associates with. Bringing to light his friendship with a criminal puts his job and reputation in jeopardy. He'd be motivated to resolve it if he's pressured.Edit: Removed the...
I've said it before- there are options. You may feel powerless but it's partially because everybody is so diffused (as somebody else pointed out) and, frankly, because most people are not comfortable using their own power or even aware of it. You can contact your bank. You can contact your credit card company. You can contact paypal. You can contact local government and authorities (has anybody even tried to contact the police in Seoul?). You can contact the media. You...
Also, this guy @closer21 is the Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post in Korea and appears to be friends with Drew and Drew's gf.
I say post it. I'm curious. If Drew refuses to communicate through official channels then I say it's fair game to try to get a hold of him and put pressure on him by any legal means.
Maybe this is a stupid question but how do you guys browse Yoox? Do you really just slog through hundreds and hundreds of items? I looked through all of the jackets once and it took me like three nights, even with my filters on.
You seem to be dead set on the aesthetic you've chosen despite your struggle to make it look good on your body shape. Even bigger dudes like Kunk that do slouchy "well" just do it to well enough that people leave them alone about it. It's hard to make it work.Regardless, I think there are some issues with this fit, regardless of style. Mainly, that you have a lot of horizontal lines and breaks that accentuate your width and make your body look stumpy. Working down, I'm...
This is phenomenal, nice pick up. Looks great in the fit, too. Will be interesting to see how it evolves with wear.I'm interested in the horse blazer you posted, too. I see it on the Lift website (I think) but not the specific photos and detail shots you posted. Is there a blog or some other website with more info? Are those Lift's photos?
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