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Kills it
[[SPOILER]] I like it but it is thrown off by your hair...looks like you might be trying to grow your hair out? Have you considered wearing a hat? I did hats/ bandanas/ all sorts of stuff while growing out my hair. In your case, a hat might be good to cap off your hair but also balance out the look and give you an opportunity to add something more interesting to this otherwise good-fitting but unremarkable fit.
Hey did you sell your W+H varsity?
It's too boring to wearing with boring boring. Sorry, it's just not might style but maybe somebody else can comment if they are not too BORING to wearing with BORING BORING. I assume they are expensive...spend your money on something that expands your comfort zone (i.e. something that you take a risk on) or hone in on your BORING look
Dunno. I thought I was pretty desensitized to prices that most people would consider "surprising" but it still shocked me a bit when I did the conversion.Makes sense. Thanks. No returns or exchanges makes sizing/ buying on the internet a pretty tough roll for this one.
I just traveled for a month and wore a pair of DBs the whole time and loved them, but they didn't get wet and wouldn't've been good if they did. Indys are going to be heavy. I would try to find something lighter. Maybe Wolverine 1000 Mile? I don't think those have the steel shank that the Indys have, but somebody can correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe give these a look... http://www.zappos.com/john-varvatos-hipster-chukka-black-calfskin .
JEBUS. Does that really convert to $980? A $1k varsity?
[[SPOILER]] Nice work! Thanks.
It's not ridiculous. It's ri-dane-cook-ulous.
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