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I have a pair of Grim Tims and they are currently my favorite jeans. I don't like super tight either, I find these to be perfect. Of course, our bodies are probably different, as well as our definition of "tight" but I imagine if you like 511's, you won't think the Grim Tim is too tight. Hope that helps.
Curious, are Nudies generally not considered to be top quality? I'm new to the denim game but I've got a pair of Nudies that I love (also own SE, Acne, RRL). I guess I just don't understand the intended meaning behind the quote above.
+1 raglan!
Yep, that's it. Would love to see details of the collar. And how do you like it? I assume you altered yours for the same reason I have some aversion to the regular style...because it seems awkward. Do you find your version to be a better fit/ look?
A lot of it is common sense, but you gotta also remember that a lot of us (me included) have never done this before and there are some questions that arise that may have seemingly obvious answers to you that aren't obvious to somebody who has never even handled a tape measure before. I have to say that I have seen many times on this forum somebody post a fit pic of their new TOJ to get feedback that the fit is off, and immediately to B&S it goes. That must be...
^ Thanks notwithit, solid advice. Much appreciated.
^ Yeah man that's it, thanks. Do you want to add it to the other sizing info in "How to Order?" Edit: Ah, I see, it was just an initial mock-up. I think that guide (or the finished version), along with a video, would shore up most sizing questions.
I hear your frustration Drew. The diagrams you came up with a while back seemed pretty clear to me, though, I just can't find them and I was surprised they weren't on the site. Clearly, the sizing questions are a combination of people needing some hand holding and people just needing to know how to do it. Drew, why don't you just make a video of yourself measuring somebody?
^ Figured. Also, wasn't there a customized Band Collar Double Rider with a different style collar being made for somebody? What's the status of that? I am very interested in that option (if it is an option). And Willy (or whoever takes care of this stuff) can you add the new sizing instructions and diagrams Drew came up with a while back to the Temple of Jawnz site? The only info I can find on the site is how the jackets themselves are...
Out of curiosity, what ever happened to the whole TOJ new name/ logo thing? I know Drew got crazy busy but it also seemed like he wasn't hearing/ seeing anything that clicked. Did it just die?
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