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Nice pickup. I've had my eye on those for a while but thought they were gone after they sold out of the brown on ssense or wherever it was. Jesus...now I remember why I've never spent more than five minutes on Gilt. What a nightmare. So, they have flash sales on specific groups of items, then that's it? So are those Raf boots done?
Where did you find these in black?
Lane, looks great. Layers and colors are cohesive and complement each other well. Because of the drape or otherwise, the clothes look lived-in and worn, in a good way, unlike so many of the fresh-out-of-the-box fits on here. You've caught a lot of shit on SF and while this look may not be the norm around here, I dig it and the fit. And much improved from previous fits.
What's that multiplier formula for determining relaxed/ slim/ skinny fit from body measurements? Also, when people make sizing mistakes, is it more common to err on the side of too tight or too big? Just sent in measurements for a GDL/UMDR and I'm second-guessing myself like crazy.
Both are sick. Is the gdl/ UMDR available or was it a one-off?
Is this the UMDR that was posted a ways back?
Keep posting Sam. I get tired of the same ol boring shit too and I like looking at different styles.
Price drop 250> SOLD.
Am I missing something with the search function? If i type something in the big search bar at the top, it brings up a bunch of threads, all the big ones. But then I don't see how to go to specific posts that include my search results. If I click on a "result" it just takes me to the first post of that thread. If I then search within that thread, it shows no results. What's going on?
Look these up on the link below if you are unfamiliar with them...folding frames, iconic status, sickest glasses around. These are brand new, unworn, with all original packaging and literature. They were purchased for me as a gift and drop-shipped straight from the Persol (Luxottica) factory in Italy. I would rather have the tortoise shell frames, so I'm passing these on. Polarized Steve McQueen 714 95/58 Retail for 360 +tax, I will sell for $250 CONUS shipping...
New Posts  All Forums: