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JEBUS. Does that really convert to $980? A $1k varsity?
[[SPOILER]] Nice work! Thanks.
It's not ridiculous. It's ri-dane-cook-ulous.
Can anyone ID this varsity?
Yes, where?
Start with the kettlebell swing (google it). You can really go far with that one exercise x75 reps x3 times a week. But you have to eat right, too.
I can make you go from geek to freak with this one thing (and the absence of beer and refined carbs and stress). Edit: Oh and yes, it's a recent purchase. The one I had before was rubber and I wore it the f out. Not directly related to fashion but definitely related indirectly, if yaknowhatimean.
notwithit, in my experience with red suede, it usually fades quickly. I think that, combined with the color of the leather (even if it's not truly pink) would make these look kinda tired pretty quickly. If it were me, based just on the colorway I see in the pic, and my knowledge of the shoes in general, I'd say no. But I do like the idea.
Gotcha. In my (limited) experience, I have found that most quality denimz start at around 200, maybe a little less if on sale, so Nudies would qualify as entry-level in that regard. Below that, it seems like the Levis 511 and 514 are the "least expensive" options that are commonly suggested.
I have a pair of Grim Tims and they are currently my favorite jeans. I don't like super tight either, I find these to be perfect. Of course, our bodies are probably different, as well as our definition of "tight" but I imagine if you like 511's, you won't think the Grim Tim is too tight. Hope that helps.
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