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That is awesome MOK. My favorite of yours so far, and that's saying a lot. Perfect color palette and the fit of everything is spot on.
Awesome thank you!This is a tremendous review; great insight. Thank you for taking the time, it is sincerely appreciated.
This is really great, do you know if it is available anywhere?
I've been eyeing this. I'm curious what your thoughts are after using it a bit?
Feels like Gr@iled is rapidly declining under its own weight. There is simply too much fluff to browse through anymore. Even with my filters applied, every other item is Supreme, Bape or some other equally-garish hypebeast piece of junk. There are also too many people selling $50 baseball caps. I was looking just now, and there is seriously somebody selling a Uniqlo shirt for $20. How is that possibly worth the effort to even take the photos? Feels like the entire site is...
MOK- that denim fit is great. As much as I love Yohji, I don't think the tucked shirt and pleated pants are as flattering as the more fitted silhouette of the gardening fit.
Shoes are rad and so is the photo and fit but C4est kills
Probably the same fear that keeps anybody from confronting him.
I've been surprised about that, too. I remember there was talk about generating funds to send somebody over there at one point (Distorbiant?) but that fizzled. I am surprised that not one of the people affected by this has been angry enough to track him down, in person. If I were Drew, I'd be scared that at any moment, somebody would come knocking. Does anybody live near him? Is he working at that chicken place or did that close down?
Long time lurker. This is, by far, my favorite MOK fit. Absolutely badass. Coat and hat are fantastic but there is something about the pants and the boots that set it off. Excellent.
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