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Thanks. They say 'loake shoemakers' in large bold writing on the soles. What are they?
Can anybody tell me what size these Loake shoes are, they have and 8 and then a 1 or i by it?
Hello I stupidly ironed out pleats from a 100% virgin wool prada suit that purchased recently. After reading up on caring for wool properly, I realize that i made a huge mistake even ironing my suit. I will have to see the full damage of that tomorrow, when there is some daylight. Anyway. The trousers look terrible without the pleats and so I want them back. Is there a way that I can do this without any special equipment?
. Ideally to store shoes, notepad, any other small bits that people typically carry . Filson, Red Wing and Mulberry are some of my favourite styles Where can I get something like this in the UK? I don't mind about brand. If there is a seller on ebay that does high quality, then that's fine.
Do you have a pit to pit measurement?
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