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I almost wrote this term's last essay about beards, but then I shaved...
The quality is very consistent for a Cuban. Mine had a BD from 2008, so flavours were great too, generally most people object to smoking any Cuban too young, so you might want to see if you can get a box that was storesd already for a bit, but they are safer than most other brands I'd say.
Trinidad Coloniales with cool background.
Nobody dares to touch the puff-sleeved pirate shirts.
All those Neapolitan coats are crap anyway, they have fucked up seams on shoulders, back, outer sleeves, sidebodies...Totally fucked up man, the bloody seams are not even plain there!Now are you telling me that it's a technique, maybe even one particular for certain provenances, to rather lap certain seams than to get them plain (propper nomenclature for different seam treatments)? But you'd be right. I think the example is not even too far fetched, a freak e.g. might be...
I hear that very often . Kafka actually fights with a younger Robert De Niro when I don't shave and have curluer hair, haha.
I posted the details quite a bit ago, but only found that picture now taken at Somerset House. I'm holding a camera in my left hand as I had to take pictures for some weird Arts Uni project during London Fashion week a few weeks ago. Obviously my hair was 'standarized', though that is not too far from how I normally wear it.
I think a tailor should chime in on the nomenclature of this 'fetuccia' thingy (and where exactly it is positioned when it comes to construction). Unfortunately I forgot the infortmation I had as it was explained to me by a tailor from Naples, but I can say with certainty that it is not a defect by any means (within the realm of traditional bespoke, at least in Italy). You find it on many coats of the different Italian provenances and the visibility depends usually on the...
Belongs to last post
Shoe trees are made from Red Cedar which is a totally different thing, you would not want your humidor to be filled with it...
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