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I am going to repeat this until everybody looks half a good.
No idea, that's Fedeli...though have never seen Ballantyne knitwear 'made in Romania' .edit: ooops, I referenced that wrongly...
Cashmere and Carpincho
Well, he's always in for a win I saw that Asian guy with the Fred Flintstone dress as LFW too and actually I also took pictures, because it had to do with the uni stuff. I post them at some point.
All I can say that just like clapey I was taught English orally (....) and alcoholically at the same time and that I think that you never stop learning. Subsistence farming over and out.
That looks kind of stupid, like I matched tie and overcoat, but then again that was another day I was going to Fashion Week a few weeks ago for that uni stuff. Bespoke overcoat is great fun from immensly heavy Harrison's camelhair/wool with 'Edwardian' back, I have to take a nice image of that some day.
I posted pics of my friend Antonio quite frequently, but do not remember which ones not. But always good stuff. Italian boring style from the real life. Classic Florentine bespoke. ca.15 year old tweed coat.
Not exactly briefcases, but cases...
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