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From Duke's lavatory
Cuaba Salomonoes
These are from Ugolini (who is known for being pretty affordable) Only travelling should be calculated, even if you "actually can do other things as well".
Cross post
Who did hear about that relatively recent, mystical Milanese dinner where Luca supposedly said that he was actually cutting himself (I wonder since they are always pretty transparent on that) and then supposedly got his head washed by Migliarotti (who supposeldy also told the VBC people to fuck off at the same occasion; just after he made that film fo them)? Sounded like fun and much more interesting than the lunches that Scott Schuman was filming...
phone pic
There was this film called MILF buster, I think the opening sequence was shot here...
Rather not so serious, semi-random Arts Uni shot I have found. Pipe is not a prop (Luigi Viprati 4Q).
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